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Nebraska is known as the Beef State, so what better time than National Beef Month to take a moment to thank everyone who is involved in bringing beef from the pasture to the market? We know that’s a lot of people, but it takes a great effort to maintain a strong agricultural industry. As a leader in the industry, Nebraska beef is enjoyed by locals — as well as many foodies — around the country.

Waypoint Bank wants to recognize cattle producers, not only for putting delicious steaks and burgers on our dinner tables, but for helping Nebraska’s economy and employment. Cattle are the biggest segment of Nebraska’s agriculture, generating $12.1 billion for Nebraska’s economy.** The industry creates jobs for ranchers, animal breeders, food manufacturers, processors, veterinarians, butchers, and more. There are 4,570 cattle feeding operations across the state, and 5.1 million cattle are fed and marketed every year. Nebraska’s cattle operations continue to grow and generate opportunities for the state and its residents.

At Waypoint Bank, we make every effort to support our local cattle producers. We offer different loan programs and specialized financial options to support those in the cattle industry, and to provide financial opportunities for the next generation of cattle producers. All producers are critical to our economy, and we want to encourage and assist them. And when you purchase beef at the market, you are doing your part in helping to keep a key Nebraskan industry thriving.


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