Thanks in part to the pandemic, we’ve learned how to take care of much of our business digitally. From utilizing tools like DocuSign where our signature is required, many of us have realized the efficiency of being tech-savvy to get our personal and office business done, which includes eStatements. If you’re doing your banking online, we hope you’re taking advantage of the benefits eStatements provide. If you’re still receiving paper statements in the mail or have not begun using online banking, below are some good reasons to switch:

It’s eco-friendly: Using eStatements helps reduce paper waste. We hope you’ll feel good about doing your part to conserve trees associated with producing paper. In fact, the amount of paper and cardboard used by each person in the United States over their lifetime is equivalent to 3.6 trees.

Helps declutter your office: Whether it’s for your personal or business accounts, transferring to eStatements means less paper for you to file or have lying around your desk. (And if you do want to have a paper copy for your files, it’s simple to print the .pdf, and you don’t have to toss the envelope.)

No more paper trail: Eliminating paper statements will help protect your financial information. Paper statements can be easily lost in the mail, misplaced or if not shredded properly, these could be discovered in your trash. Electronic statements are safer too because they can only be accessed with your account password.

Immediately and conveniently accessible: You don’t have to wait to receive your statement in the mail to check your financial activity. If something looks unfamiliar or unusual on your eStatement, you can react quicker to look into it and get it resolved.

Convenience at no extra cost: If you are a Waypoint Bank online banking customer and are ready to make the switch to eStatements, visit, and login to your account.  

  •       Look in the upper righthand corner and click on the word “profile” (in red).
  •       Click on the word “edit” beside the Electronic statements link. Select “eStatement Notifications” for the accounts you’d like to enroll. 
  •       Click on the red link for “electronic statements terms and conditions” and read the disclosure.
  •       Enter the confirmation code found at the end of the disclosure (this may be on its own page), check the acknowledgement box and click on the word “Save.” 

If you are not enrolled in online banking, we invite you to visit, then click on the ENROLL NOW red button, and follow the instructions to create a SECURE online banking account and enroll in eStatements. (PLEASE feel free to call us at 833-541-0854 and we’ll gladly walk you through this entire process!)  

Waypoint Bank strives to be an exceptional provider of superior financial solutions that promote the small-town approach of putting the customer first while earning their trust in the most friendly and professional manner possible. 

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