Our Look Back, and Forward, at Community Banking

Waypoint Bank is honored to celebrate its 140th anniversary. What started out as just one humble, yet determined, bank in Cozad, Neb. in 1883, has grown into a family of seven branches in Nebraska and Colorado. We’ve enjoyed becoming an active part of each of these communities.


Although much has changed since family-owned Waypoint Bank’s founding, a few things remain the same. We still prioritize our core values of integrity, relationships, and excellence. These basic principles continue to guide our decisions each day in our business and in our communities. We work hard to develop long-term relationships with customers that are built on trust, transparency, and a high standard of service excellence. We love that we have many multi-generational customers. And it’s especially gratifying when we help a young person set up their first savings account. We are able to help guide them on their path to financial success.


Over these 140 years, we have seen a lot of changes in community banking. We’re glad to share that banking has become more convenient, efficient, and safer. Gone are the days when customers rushed to the bank at the end of the week to deposit or cash their checks. Now, direct deposit and mobile banking have made it more convenient.  You don’t need to go to a physical bank (though we still love to see our customers). Writing checks is slowly becoming obsolete, as are mailed statements.

With eStatements and online banking, you always have your bank records at your fingertips. Bill pay and automatically scheduled payments have made paying bills quicker and safer. We don’t need to carry cash around with us when we shop, and debit cards are easy to carry. With a quick tap, check-out is much faster. And, you don’t have to worry about a clerk giving you the correct change.

As we recognize this great milestone, we want to thank you – our customers – and communities in Nebraska and Colorado for your continued loyalty. We are proud of our past and look forward to our future as we plan to continue to grow and build new relationships.

 To those of you we haven’t met yet, we’d like to invite you to visit one of our branches.

 Thank you. It has been our pleasure serving you for 140 years!


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