Cattle operation has been a customer of Waypoint Bank – Cozad since it began in 1982

Where’s the beef in central Nebraska? Ask anyone in the vicinity of Cozad, Neb., and they’ll tell you it’s probably under the management of Darr Feedlot, Inc.

Darr Feedlot, which recently celebrated 40 years in business – all that time as a customer of Waypoint Bank – runs two main yards between Cozad and Lexington with a combined feeding capacity of 48,000 head of cattle.

Starting in 1982 as a 2,500-head custom feedlot for local beef producers, Darr Feedlot has grown about 20-fold in 40 years; and with 56 people on the payroll, the company has become one of the primary economic forces in the region.

“We thoroughly appreciate our relationship with Waypoint Bank – Cozad, and that when we go into the bank, people know who we are,” said John Schroeder, Darr Feedlot’s General Manager and a 16-year employee.

Schroeder gives the bank high marks for its service and attention to security. “The bank also knows to verify if a new person comes in,” he said. “In this digital age, the bank has kept up with technology, but still knows who you are and even knows your voice. That helps prevent fraud and adds to the security of what we’re doing in central Nebraska.”

As more companies use AI voice recognition, Schroeder believes they still don’t know the people like an actual person does. “The people at the bank know us – and care enough to ask questions; that makes a difference.”

Schroeder appreciates that Waypoint Bank – Cozad also maintains strong relationships with the other lending institutions that Darr Feedlot works with, which he believes is a great benefit to central Nebraska communities.

“Waypoint Bank has good, longtime employees who uphold a high standard. Part of that is making sure to take care of customers and family members,” Schroeder explained. “I really admire that the employees offer the same type of courtesy and professionalism whether they are getting youth started on the right path or signing million-dollar deals.”


Darr Feedlot board of directors L-R: Al Svajgr, Howard Benjamin, Scott Nielsen, John Schroeder and Craig Uden.


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