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March 22 is National Ag Day! This is a day to celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture across our country. Agriculture is a big contributor to Nebraska’s life and economy. Did you know that Nebraska farms and ranches utilize 44.9 million acres? That’s 92% of the state’s total land area. Nebraska’s top five agricultural exports are soybeans, beef, corn, pork, and ethanol. Additionally, one in four jobs in Nebraska come from agriculture.

Waypoint Bank would like to recognize and thank our clients who are farmers and ranchers for playing a critical economic and food security role in our country. Agriculture not only provides nearly everything we eat, but also a lot of what we wear. We would even like to give a salute to vital players like factory workers and grocery store employees who help bring food to our tables.

Farmers hold a special place in our hearts. Agricultural banking is where Waypoint Bank’s roots began. Waypoint Bank is proud to support the agricultural industry with special loans designed for their business. With over 130 years as a leader in ag financing, we understand that no two operations are alike. With lines of credit for row crop, cow and calf, and cattle feeding, we strive to provide agricultural loan options.

Here are a few ideas to acknowledge and celebrate National Ag Day:

Participate in a gardening class for a hands-on experience
Support your local farmer’s market
Tour a local farm to learn more about how they produce and sell their products
Organize an educational display about National Ag Day in your school or library
Host a “farm-to-table” dinner using locally grown ingredients

And when you’re sitting down at dinner, thank a farmer today and every day! For more about Waypoint Bank and our commitment to community, visit our Community page.

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