Late spring ushers in the sounds of lawn mowers running, kids playing outdoors, and tantalizing smells wafting from grills! A good old-fashioned barbecue with burgers and steaks brings people together and is a great way to reconnect with neighbors and friends you might not have seen much during winter.

May is National Beef Month and the perfect time to celebrate, recognize, and thank the committed cattle producers who play critical roles in providing us with delicious beef, keeping the industry thriving in Colorado and Nebraska. In fact, these states are among the top 20 beef producers in the country, with Nebraska ranking an impressive #4 while Colorado ranks #17. Agriculture plays a significant role in each state’s economy, and it is the #1 industry in Nebraska with 6.8 million cattle. (That’s over 3.5 times more cattle than people in Nebraska!) In Colorado, cattle is also its leading agricultural commodity with 2.6 million head in the state.

At Waypoint Bank, we make every effort to support our local cattle producers. We offer loan programs and specialized financial options to support those in agriculture and we pay attention to providing financial opportunities for the next generation of cattle producers. All cattle producers are vital to our economy, and we want to be a resource for, encourage, and assist them.

With Memorial Day weekend at the end of the month, many of you may be planning to kick off the barbecue season then.  If you’re starting to think about what you might want to grill, we encourage you to visit for recipes. As you enjoy your beef products, please keep in mind – and thank – the many ranchers across our states who work diligently to provide the delicious meal.

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