Brian and Tamie Bedford are grateful that everyone at Waypoint Bank knows their names. And their voices!

The Bedfords own Mikron Manufacturing, a small, custom-metal manufacturing and CNC precision machining business based in Colorado Springs. The couple shared they were with one of the “big banks” that was “only interested in their ratios.”

23 years ago, the Bedfords’ friend John Whitten was president of the bank and said to come see him.  Tamie shares how the bank took a genuine interest in Mikron, came to their business and “they were very impressed with our operation, and even though our financial situation at the time was not great, they decided we were worth investing in.”

Tamie and Brian learned that at Waypoint Bank, providing comprehensive financial assistance to family businesses was a high priority, which convinced them to change banks. And they’ve never looked back.

The Bedfords share that the “staff at Waypoint Bank – Colorado Springs is very personable and welcoming. One thing that stands out about the service we receive from Waypoint Bank is that they are truly invested in us and are always there to help.”

“Besides them taking great care of our family-owned business during some rough times, a specific banking moment that sticks out in our minds is when they called us to say someone called them to cash out our accounts!” They knew Tamie’s voice and instantly knew that it wasn’t Tamie!  (How many people can say their bankers know them by voice? We were very impressed.) Waypoint Bank – Colorado Springs told the would-be fraudster they were having computer issues and to call back.  Mikron was forewarned and put alerts on all of their financial accounts, protecting them from harm.  Tamie shares how you personally get to know everyone at your Waypoint Bank branch, which proved to be “key in this situation.”

The Bedfords share every chance they get about how wonderful it is to do business with Waypoint Bank. The staff is such a pleasure to work with, even through all the ups and downs of our business cycles. The entire staff is amazing, and we wouldn’t be in business without the support of Waypoint Bank.

“YES, YES, YES! We would most definitely recommend Waypoint Bank – Colorado Springs.” ~Tamie and Brian Bedford

In photo, left to right, Robert Lucia, Tamie Bedford, Brian Bedford, Becky Akers.

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