Have you ever needed to get something notarized and not sure why or what to do?

Purchasing a home, filing divorce papers, or writing a will are just a few instances when you might need a notary. A notary serves as a witness when an important or legal document is being signed. A notary is also responsible for verifying the identities of those signing the document, ensuring that all parties understand the document and are, in no way, feeling pressured to sign the document. A notary may also be used to certify a document copy or witness an oath or affirmation. 

History of Notaries

The practice of using a notary to give documents credibility goes back to ancient Roman times. Few people then knew how to read and write, so a notary was used to create and guard official documents. Today, using a notary provides a third-party, impartial witness and helps prevent fraudulent activity.

Training to be a Notary

There is some training required to become a notary. Notaries are required to take a class and then complete a state exam to be able to perform their services. In some states, fingerprints and a background check are also required. Once completed, a notary can witness and notarize documents in their home state. 

Notaries and Waypoint Bank

Most banks, including each Waypoint Bank branch, have a person on staff who is a certified notary. If you have legal documents that need to be notarized, bring them into your Colorado or Nebraska Waypoint Bank branch and we’ll gladly assist with your notary needs. Notary services are free to current Waypoint Bank customers.  

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