How Credit Inquiries Can Lead to Unwanted Calls

At Waypoint Bank, we take your financial security seriously, and that extends beyond providing loans for your needs. We’ve recently learned about a concerning issue from some of our valued customers. We want to ensure you’re informed and protected. When you apply for a loan, information about your creditworthiness is pulled. This could lead to a barrage of unsolicited credit offers and unwanted calls from other lenders.

How Does This Happen?

The Federal Trade Commission allows the selling of trigger leads believing the practice provides consumers with more options. This means the major credit reporting companies – Equifax, Experian, Innovis, and Transunion – have started selling your credit information when we pull a credit report. These leads are called “trigger leads” because the borrower’s credit pull triggered the solicitation. As soon as your credit is checked, your details become accessible to a network of lenders looking to extend credit offers.

The Unwanted Consequence

The result? Many of our customers have reported receiving multiple phone calls from various lenders, often just a day after their credit is checked. This can be both intrusive and frustrating, leaving you wondering how these lenders even knew you were in the market for credit. 

Your Solution: Opt-Out

Legislation is in the works to amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act and prohibit the creation and sale of trigger leads. Until this legislation passes, the way to regain control over your privacy and put a stop to these unwanted calls is to opt-out. Visit to opt out of having your information shared with these lenders. This step empowers you to safeguard your privacy and enjoy a more peaceful financial journey.

Our Commitment to You

While we at Waypoint Bank unfortunately can’t directly stop these information-sharing practices, we’re dedicated to educating our customers on how to protect their financial privacy. At, you’ll find essential information on how to opt-out and regain control of your financial information. We understand the frustration these calls can bring, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Protecting your privacy is paramount, and we want to ensure you have the knowledge and tools to do so.

At Waypoint Bank, we’re not just your financial service provider; we’re your partner in securing your financial well-being. Your privacy and peace of mind matter to us, and we’re here to help you maintain both. Please contact us if we can assist you. 

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