We know opening a banking account with your student can be daunting for parents. And for your child, being young and opening their own checking account can be intimidating, but this can be a responsible step to starting adulthood! It is always a smart idea to start saving money and spending it responsibly, for eating ice cream with friends, putting gas in their car or funding expenses at school. Don’t fret – Waypoint Bank has got them covered!

Waypoint Bank makes banking simple – without any fees to keep track of – so your student can focus on school. Our Smart-Start checking is for students, ages 16-24. (Must have proof of student status at account opening). With Smart-Start, students have access to free online and mobile banking, a free debit card, no monthly service fee, and much more! There is a minimum balance of $50 to open an account, which hopefully they’ve saved from their summer job!

Starting your student with Smart-Start Checking can prepare them for banking in the future. They can learn to be responsible with their money and accounts, while still under their parents’ watchful eyes. According to Modest Money, “People who start saving young put themselves at an enormous advantage as life goes on.” Why wait? Starting to become financially independent at a young age can set them up in the future to be able to save money for a special event and not have to ask their parents, buy a car at an attractive interest rate with their excellent credit score and much more!

Visit https://waypointbank.com/smart-start-checking/ or stop by your local Waypoint branch to start your student with Smart-Start today!

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